EKIN, Journal of Crop Breeding and Genetics, is an international journal owned and edited by the Plant Breeders Sub-Union of Turkey (BISAB).

EKIN is aimed at keeping information among plant breeders about new advances in the plant breeding and genetics as well as genetic diversity of plant species.

EKIN publishes research papers and critical reviews on all aspects of

(i)            plant breeding,

(ii)          genetics

(iii)         plant registrations cover:

old and new cultivars,
local populations and introduction materials,
resistance sources for biotic and abiotic stresses,
parental lines,
genetic stocks,
breeding materials,
mapping populations.

All manuscripts submitted for publication are reviewed by at least two referees and accepted for publication by editors based on advice from referees. The journal is published twice a year by BISAB.

Full contents of EKIN are freely available for download http:    . To receive Table of Contents alerts of each new issue via e-mail registration is needed.